The empty Village

We went walkabouts one afternoon during Level 4 lockdown and took some pics of a very different Gordonton.

The Village carpark was empty during a week day, no cars or people swarming into shops and catching up –

Photo of Gordonton carpark lockdown


It does look like a ghost town.  No playing here –



Gordonton playground photo
Photo thanks: Iris Riddell



There were no flat whites or big breakfasts being served at the Firepot Cafe – note: they are now open again!


The Firepot Cafe photo


This guy from MacSmith’s was out and about though, and dressed for life under lockdown –



Photo of MacSmith Tires minion


Approaching home time, and not a car or child to be seen –


Photo of Gordonton School




We did come across some very friendly locals who were quite clearly not observing the two meter rule –


Photo of cows
Photo thanks: Iris Riddell




Further afield, it was sad to see Pukemokemoke closed –


Pukemokemoke lockdown


We’ve been in pandemic Alert Level 3 for a week but it is not the time to take our foot off the pedal.

Zero new cases of Covid-19 reported today and yesterday is the result of us doing a great job and staying at home during the earlier Alert Level 4.

They do not reflect what we’re doing in level 3, said Merv Balloch, one of four controllers of the North Waikato Combined Emergency Operations Centre (NWCEOC).

“Waikato has done a great job so far, but we must remember to continue physical distancing,” he said.

“Please stay the course; we can’t squander the results when the end is so close.”

On Monday, May 11 the Government is expected to announce when we could see a move to Alert Level 2. Monday will be the end of the two-week life-cycle of the transmission of the virus under Alert Level 3. It won’t be until then that we will know whether Alert Level 3 has worked.

Balloch said we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves.

“Please stick to your bubbles. We really need to keep up with our physical distancing. There has been a rise in movement of people using our playgrounds and skateparks in Alert Level 3. This should not be happening, and any reports of Alert Level 3 breaches need to be reported to the police by calling the 105 number.”

On Thursday, the Government will share what Alert Level 2 will look like. This will give clarity, certainty and time to prepare, but no decision about a change in alert level status will have been made and will not be made until Monday.

“We are a team of 5 million. A small number of people are forgetting the gains from the lockdown period. Please remember why we’re doing this: we’re in it together.”

Hamilton City Council and Waikato District Council have joined forces to operate the emergency operations centre, providing logistical and community support to assist the public health response.

Need help?

For Waikato people needing support, call 0800 800 405 to get help getting food, groceries, medication or other household goods and services.



Photo of Gordonton Superette
Come on down – Sushant and Bharati Rajan at the Gordonton Superette



Click here for advice on Covid-19 from the NZ Government.


Stay at home graphic

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