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N8N’s roundup of cool things going on in our area.

…and it’s all on at Clandon Daffodils, with daffodil day this Friday.  Ian wonders if he can fit just one more bunch in the van…


Clandon Daffodil photo


Some of the beautiful blooms coming from their Gordonton fields  –

Clandon Daffodils photo


And there was a lot of work going on at Great Beginnings when a  ‘cow truck’ turned up at their loading ramp to take some calves to another farm.  Clearly one truck wasn’t enough, soon there was a ‘wood truck’, followed, a couple of days later, with tankers, another cow truck, and a trailer.


Great Beginnings



Great Beginnings photo


Woodlands Estate’s trees are in full bloom, they say come on out for a socially distanced walk and enjoy the garden.  Here is a stunner from Wairere Nursery, Magnolia Apollo, one of the sexiest flowers to photograph says Lloyd –



St Mary’s Church is looking especially splendid right now –

St Mary's


And who can resist this guy?  (Can be seen smiling at Cornerstone Alpaca Stud!)

Alpaca photo


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