A calf for St Mary’s

St Mary's


Meet St Mary’s new temporary home – light and airy, with a heat pump that keeps it very warm, says Rev David Smithson.

It was a team effort to get the space spick and span but it’s looking great, he said.  “Thanks team for all the hard work in getting set up.”

The Church, built in 1934, is deemed at high risk from earthquakes and the congregation is meeting in the old school rooms, Hukanui Park, until strengthening work is complete.

“See us Sunday, 10am at the Old School in Hukanui Park, 1020 Gordonton Rd.”


St Mary's


St Mary's


St Mary's
St Mary’s new temporary home….


The old Church is looking particularly stunning at the moment, with the trees  in blossom –


St Mary's


The chance to help the Church has also come up with their annual fund-raiser – Rev Smithson asks people to consider either donating a Friesian bull calf or donating $250 towards the cash price of what the calves are sold for.   “It’s an easy and low maintenance fund-raiser that has the potential to raise $500 per calf sold. The better the calf, the higher the price we get for it.”

The church will purchase some calves with money donated. These will be sold in late October/early November.
“We rely on donations from those on the parish roll and the community so we can continue to be a sustainable and vibrant parish. We don’t receive funds from any other sources except fundraising events and cash donations pledged by our congregation through the weekly Sunday collection and donations pledged by some families. If you would like to support this fundraiser please send me an email.
St Mary's calf
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