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Come along to the next Gordonton District Committee meeting, and AGM. All welcome.  The meeting gets underway this Thursday (15 October) at the Hukanui Golf Club – not the Hall – from 7pm.

Here are some excerpts from the July meeting.

A minutes silence was  held for Melville Bain and Ray Kestle’s daughter.

Projects coming up include an upgrade of the Gordonton Hall kitchen and roof repairs to the old school building.

David Smithson/St Mary’s:

St Mary’s was grateful to be able to use the old school building while the Church is closed.  They have been fundraising to build a hall and have $59,000 put aside which will go towards Church repairs.

Chris Woolerton/Council:

The Strategic Plan will feed into the blue print for the area.
• Footpath – College Drive is happening. It has already been marked out.
• Playground – the committee has met, this is progressing and will be happening.
• Public Toilets – may not be a quick fix (It was pointed out there are often long queues outside the toilets)

Lights in the village – should be LED

• The speed signs have been corrected
• Solid Waste Review – may go to prepaid bags not wheelie bins yet. The price of the
refuge at Hampton Downs will be going up significantly trying to reduce landfill.
There will be a big review after three years
• Money for heritage building – it will happen.
• Plan for the railway- there is a zoom meeting with Hamilton spacial plan and how it
is all going to connect.
• There is an opportunity to have a Representative review – having the council provide
a secretary and note taker for the GDC meetings. Having more representation at

Michael Grayson/Strategic plan:

The last committee meeting highlighted a need for the GDC to have strategic plan and need for

• Give the Strategic plan some context – What do we do? What do we aspire for? What
our purpose could be?
• Strategic plans should be a living document.
• Look at all community groups- East West College, Churches, Schools, Marae,
community groups.
• Needed to identify some strategic issues
▪ Road safety
▪ Road crossing on Woodlands Rd
▪ LED Lights
▪ Village gateway
▪ Hall facilities – keeping them up to date
▪ Hukanui Park grounds and buildings
▪ Revive the school house
▪ Public toilets
▪ Domain
▪ Cemetery

“These here are some immediate issues. We need to encourage engagement as Gordonton is an
active community. This is starting point to be able to spend the GDC money effectively. It is
important to engage with council staff. This is a work in progress.”

Gordonton School – it was noted the very bright security lights at night contribute to light pollution.

Gordon Meehan/Eastwest College:

Things are going well at the College. Not sure what will happen next year with
▪ Rainbows going well. Maintenance has been done and is very much
▪ It has been one year since Keith Jellyman has passed. There was a
remembrance for Keith and his son. The straw bale house has a memorial book.
▪ Matariki celebrations were lovely

Megan Gaukrodger and Louise Wilson/Pony Club:

• Had a competition day last school holidays – made $500. (Another one was held in September.)
• Quotes received for an Arena – plus or minus $35,000. This is the Pony Club goal.
Contacted council to see who can okay the arena and ways to go about
getting it started. Longterm plan is for the arena be covered and used for the community.
GDC would like to encourage the Pony Club to work on their Strategic Plan regarding the
arena and to support them.

John Bridgman/Marae Trust:

Working on the development plan.
▪ They would like the speed limit reduced to 60km – it has been changed to 80km. Kohanga Reo is there – so the speed should be lower than 8Okm.
▪ They are reviewing their charter

Calvin Yates/Hukanui Golf Club:

• Has a good committee and sorting out their strategic plan. (Shared their
mission statement).
• There are different groups that come in at different times and these do have to be

General business

The issue of the truck repair business next to Oaks church was discussed.

Chris Woolerton responded that there has been a complaint made.  He has spoken
to the owner who is doing what he can to keep that area clear and clean. “He is
employing staff and they are supporting local business. If he had an alternative yard
and place with more space that would be great but he doesn’t. There isn’t much more
that can be done.”

It was agreed that GDC meetings will be held at the different locations in the
community – the next meeting, which will be the AGM, will be held at the Hukanui Golf Club on Thursday 15 October.



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