Pick of the Crop

N8N’s roundup of cool things going on in our area. Get in touch if you have something good to share!

The Pioneer Fundays at Woodlands was another success with games aplenty –

Woodlands fundays



Woodlands Fundays


Marian Riddell taught olde style writing –


Woodlands Fundays


There was also popcorn making –


Woodlands Fundays


and lots of cute going on!

Woodlands fundays


The Mandarin Tree has a garden full of colourful pieces – instant colour on a rainy day.


The Mandarin Tree



We like this from MacSmith’s Tires – ‘Shake in your steering? More noticeable at 100km?
Your wheels may need a balance. And Sooty will inspect your tires upon arrival and at exit.’
MacSmith's tires



Got any great pics or stories to share for the Pick of the Crop?  Send them in!



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