The other Gordonton

Photo of Gordonton, USA


How about this photo of the country store in Gordonton, July 1939?  That porch sure looks a fine place to drink Coca Cola.  Gordonton, North Carolina, USA, that is. 

So it turns out there is more than one Gordonton on the planet. (From what we can tell, this other Gordonton is not much more than a crossroads these days.)

The image comes from an article looking at how adding colour to early black and white photographs changes them – in this case making the signs on the outside of the store look more vibrant, as well as the people:

A good photographer can make any photograph stand out whether they’re shot in color or black and white. But back in the 1960s, a color photograph was a bit unusual. So, when most people see a black and white photo, they automatically think there’s something historical about it.

And in some cases, they are! But the photos on this list depict a precious moment in time that truly comes alive thanks to the power of colorization. These turn-of-the-century photographs depict a time before modern technology and many modern conveniences, but they look as vibrant as if they were taken yesterday.


You can read the original story and see more amazing photographs by clicking here.

Here is the original photo –

Gordonton USA

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