New artpiece unveiled at Woodlands

Waikato District mayor Alan Sanson, right, unveils the painting with Woodlands Trust chairperson Irene Clarke and member Alan Sharpe.

A specially commissioned painting by local artist Jacquie Haselden was unveiled recently at Woodlands Historic Homestead.

Jacquie, a descendant of the Woodlands branch of the Riddell family, said the work depicts past and present for Woodands.

“The homestead and landscape were painted as seen now and the work horses with Cambridge roller were painted from a photo in the Woodlands archives.”

The painting is displayed in the Kauri Room at the homestead and another painting with a focus on colonial rural women’s work is planned for 2012.

Alan Sanson also unveiled an inlaid wood and glass display cabinet with the Riddell Family Bible gifted by the Riddell family.  This historic piece will be displayed in the Riddell Room.

The homestead has undergone a recent refurbishment and there are more plans for developments in the near future. The public are welcome to come and see the new furnishings and experience rural colonial history in the Waikato District.

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