No rest for the wicked

Let me help!

Never turn your back on a garden. It only takes a moment and things happen, not all of them good.

Just days ago, everything was under control and we made the mistake of heading off for a weekend’s jaunt.  When we returned the spinach and lettuce

had bolted, the tomatoes were triffids and there were enough broad beans to feed an army. The asparagus was as tall as a well-fed soldier, too. And everywhere weeds had sprouted, and made themselves at home, as had a few slugs and snails.

Worse, that very dangerous thing – an intelligent hen – had escaped the coop and dust bathed right on top of what had promised to be a champion rock melon. Alas, it is now no more.

After the weeds have been vanquished with some dedicated hoeing, I will plant some more lettuce and silverbeet. A few of the older ones which have gone to seed will be left in place, to ensure an ongoing crop of young ‘uns.

At this time of year, especially with the windy weather, watering is an ongoing and necessary job. Shame to go to all that work and lose things because of lack of water. I make little doughnuts from lawn clippings around various plants – which helps keep them moist when I nip away.

The tomatoes are overdue to be staked – I managed to get them in the garden around Labour Weekend, with the thought I could stake them later. I guess the time has come.

And the most important task of all – the hen is getting her wing trimmed so she can’t lay waste to any more treasures.

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2 thoughts on “No rest for the wicked

  • December 5, 2011 at 5:37 pm

    Sorry, off-topic, but: is there a latest sequel to the excellent series about signs and car crashes on Horsham Downs Rd?, asks a nosey non-driver.

    • December 6, 2011 at 8:15 am

      Hi there!

      No, nothing news to report on that. This is a good thing I suppose. I hope that people pay more attention to unsuspected corners on Waikato roads.
      Have a safe Summer everyone.

      Claudia Aalderink


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