Honey of a new name

After three years trading as Vitality Bee Products, Horsham Downs bee keepers Stephanie and Martin Lynch are now – officially – Sweetree.

Harald helps out at the new-look stall

Regulars at the Hamilton Farmers’ Market every Sunday, they have dressed up their stall for the occasion.

It sports a new banner, rustic-style shelving, New Zealand themed teaspoons for honey tasting and the table itself is supported on a couple of genuine beehives.

The story behind the name comes from when Stephanie was watching a children’s movie with her children.

“It was about these little dinosaurs that ate flowers off the trees and they called them tree sweets. I thought ‘bees collect nectar from the flowers, that’s a sweet… tree sweets… tree sweets… sweetree! Let’s use that!’ So we did.”

For three years they traded under the name Vitality Bee Products –  “When we first started, we just had the bee pollen so we thought Vitality was good, because that’s what it gives you. Then we started selling honey, and it didn’t sound quite right.”

Another reason for the change was because it sometimes caused a tad of confusion for shop-owners.

“I’d ring up and say ‘it’s Stephanie from Vitality’ and they’d go ‘what do you sell again? Oh, the Sweetree honey!” We thought we’d just put it all under Sweetree.”  So now they’ve got their honey jars in a row and are looking forward to a buzzing 2012.

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