The girl in the red hat…

Busy in Taupo

Alas, alack and gnashings of teeth – Number 8 Network co-founder and Senior Editor Iris Riddell has flown the coop.

Selfishly, the whippersnapper has taken a reporting job at the Taupo Times, where, she reports it is cold.

“Quite cold, in fact.”

She is now getting her teeth into a range of issues, covering council, business, environment and rural stories – and is becoming know as that Lass from the Waikato in the Red Hat.

Introducing herself to readers of the newspaper (which has good heating) she said her biggest love in Hamilton was being part of Japanese drumming group Wai Taiko. She didn’t mention her mother, or Number 8 Network. Both of whom, as it turns out, are delighted she’s loving her new position.

Besides, we know where she lives, and when the bolts fall off the website, a quick call on Skype can find her wherever she is.

Loving this wired age.

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