Cornucopia now at Horsham Downs

Claudia Aalderink has a horn of plenty on her Horsham Downs backyard – but this one is full of rubbish, rather than food, flowers or glittering trinkets.

Artistic rubbish, it must be stressed.  Cornucopia is a giant sculpture made by Claudia and fellow Wintec Media Arts student Ulrike Schaefer.

For their Eco Design Project the two had to create a design which incorporated the environment.  “We needed to make people aware of the waste that is ever growing because of consumerism.”

Cornucopia took about a month to make, and consists of a wooden frame around which corokia branches have been woved.  From this tumbles old shoes, bike wheels and other items collected from the dump.

N8N can reveal the sculpture had its start in Gordonton – the corokia came from our very own chook house hedge, which was about to be burned before being rescued in the name of art.

The finished work needed four people to move it and was delivered to Wintec’s city campus by truck, where it was on display for a week.

The pair received a lot of positive feedback and there was talk of Waikato Museum taking it, but Claudia has other ideas for the art work, which she is currently looking into.

Watch this space.

In the meantime, watch this slideshow of the creation of Cornucopia.




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