Foliage needed for secret squirrel project

Artist at work

Claudia Aalderink is on the lookout.  The Horsham Downs artist/photographer needs as much corokia as she can get her hands on- for an upcoming art work.

Sadly, at this stage, the project is top secret so we can’t reveal what it will become, but it will be a visual symphony, we are assured.

All will be revealed in February, but updates will be posted here before then.

Check out a slideshow of Claudia creating a Cornucopia  for a Wintec project last year.  But now she needs more prunings of the shrub.

You can check out some of Claudia’s creations at the next Gordonton Country Market, on December 8.

Anyone with a corokia hedge or bushes, please get in touch.  She’d be ever so grateful.  Email Claudia here.

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