Close but no cigar

You could even say eclipsed. Still, Number 8 Network was delighted to learn that the best little news provider north-east of Hamilton was a finalist in the recent Alcohol Sponsorship Press (ASP) media awards recently.

The almost winning photograph was of Food Connection’s Mich Dul looking at the eclipse through a welding helmet at his fish and chip shop in Gordonton. N8N well remembers the tricky climatic conditions which made taking this shot particularly tricksy indeed.

A previous winner of the media awards and receiver of a rather fine bottle of Stolen Rum (click me for great things to do with said bottle of rum) N8N would have been even more tickled if it had won. But such is life.

For those interested, the winner was TV3’s political reporter Patrick Gower for his “memorable badgering” of David Cunliffe. Gower received two bottles of wine from Grower’s Mark range as his prize.

Best of all is that the ASPs – New Zealand’s most coveted media awards since November 2011 – are set for another year of recognising quality, excellence and strangeness with a new sponsor on board for 2013.

Salut and here’s to you, Steve Braunias.

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