The Marvellous March Market

The March Market was a fine one indeed! Number8Network’s Annette Taylor, alas, was unable to attend as she is currently gallivanting around the South Island on a bicycle. Luckily, the wonderful Judy McDonald came to the rescue and captured the action on Annette’s behalf. Thanks Judy!

The market is a perfect time to stock up on your fresh fruit and veg –

Fresh fruit and veg!

While others were more interested by the sweet treats on offer!

Sweet treats

Daffodils make a nice “treat” come spring – and the beautiful calligraphy cards make a nice gift, too!

For all your daffodil and calligraphy needs!

There was everything you could ever wish for to spruce up your garden…

Wonderful knicks and knacks and everything inbetween...

And ingenious “rocking horses” made out of tyres!

Gee up!

The Chartwell Scouts put in an appearance to show off their baking skills.

The scouts show off their baking skills

Sweetree Honey proved a hit amongst the punters…

Mm, Sweetree Honey...

Some people couldn’t wait until they got home to chow into their snacks!

Sneaking a nibble

Marketgoers admire some fine photographic works.

Artful photographs

Passionfruit is in season!

Passionfruit season!

Jams, chutneys relishes and more…

Jams and chutneys galore!

It’s giggles galore in this corner of the market!

Giggles galore and wonderful garden art

So many choices! Note, also, the stall for 2-year-old Tiago…

Decisions, decisions...

All in all it was another successful market day! See you all next month!

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