The Farm Shop is open!

Sarah Thompson, with daughter Rosie, was the first official customer at 5 minutes past 12, stocking up on fresh bread and juice -
Sarah Thompson, with daughter Rosie, was the first official customer at 5 minutes past 12, stocking up on fresh bread and juice.

The Farm Shop, Gordonton’s newest business specialising in local produce, had its Grand Opening yesterday – and it sure was busy. Doors officially opened at high noon – but the first customer was tapping on the door at 8.15am.

N8N’s Ciaran Warner filed this report, and took along his photographer Annette Taylor.

ONE OF THE fine minds behind the shop Tanya Clancy, said that the store had opened with a “huge big rush.”

“Yesterday we had suppliers coming left, right and centre, and it’s been the same today. Lots of people from the Firepot have been coming over for something to eat… it’s been great,” she said.

The shop was, by all accounts, exactly what it had been envisioned to be.

“What we really wanted were local people, from a small lifestyle block, with a supply of seasonal things that people grow or make themselves.” explained Tanya.

One such provider said that such a plan was ideal for home-based suppliers.

“Anything supplied by the Farmers Market can be found here during the week,” says Deb Briscoe, of Passionvale Fields, who provides the Farm Shop with such home-grown goodies as passionfruit, limes, and mescal salad.

“We had agreed to sell our stock here from the start; it gives us a fresh market outlet. It’s ideal, because stalls here are available either casually or semi-permanent, so whatever’s fresh or in season is available,” says Deb.

Stock inside the shop included a fridge full of salmon and bacon, a wide variety of fresh produce, and a range of natural cosmetics such as soap and skin cream, as well as assorted arts ‘n’ crafts.

A table laden with free samples lay outside the shop, with Gemma McGarry’s ‘two dads’ gallantly agreeing to mind the table (and keep the flies away.)

TWO DADS: Gemma’s dad, Tom, on the left, and father-in-law Harvey.

“It’s been really busy… it’s quite exciting,” says Gemma. “All we can hope for now is a steady stream of customers.”

And by golly gosh, the customer stream was almost a torrent at the Grand Opening.

Taylor’s photo essay follows:

There was plenty to look at –

The Farm Shop LR 2

The Farm Shop LR 3

A local peruses what is on offer –

The Farm Shop LR 4

The Farm Shop LR 5

Colin and Tanya are flat out stocking goodies –

The Farm Shop LR 6

Colin is delighted with a gift from the Firepot Cafe’s Michele Bishop –

The Farm Shop LR Colin gift

Artist Shun-Chun Lin takes time out with husband William Savage  –

The Farm Shop LR 7

Kevin keeps unpacking the Pirongia bacon –

The Farm Shop LR 9

And outside, Gemma’s father Tom McGarry mans the tasting table, while Geordie Pugh from Raglan tries a bite of muffin –

The Farm Shop LR 10

And this says it all –

The Farm Shop LR 11

Congratulations to all at The Farm Shop – well done Tanya Clancy, Colin Oliver, Gemma McGarry and Kevin Clarke.

The shop is open Wednesday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm.  See you there!

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