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Sixeen Waikato schools have been hit by vandals or burglers since the start of May, with thousands of property stolen, including computers, cash and jewellery.

Schools include Gordonton, Huntly and Morrinsville, as well as Roto O Rangi, Raglan, Hamilton, Ohaupo,  Paterangi, Motumaoho and Te Awamutu.

Burglars have been active on the home front too, with break-ins reported on Woodlands Rd (1), Gordonton Rd (1), Holland Rd (1X) and Piako Rd (1X), according to police statistics for the Hamilton North and Te Rapa/Pukete areas.

Neighbourhood Support say they were asked about the advice about drawing curtains – someone wanted to know if it was best to have them open or closed.

“It doesn’t really matter which way – if it’s daytime, then curtains are usually open, and at night they are closed. Whatever is not usual is an invitation for nefarious types to go about their activities.”

Other actions include asking a neighbour to open and close curtains, part a car in the driveway and hang out washing. Arrange a timer for a light so it comes on at night, as well.

Neighbours can also check that you left the doors and windows secure.

The full stats for May are:

Aquila Crescent x 2, Ashwick Terrace x 1, Balmerino Crescent x 1, Bankwood Road x 3, Barnett Place x 1, Braid Road x 1, Bryant Road x 1, Casey Avenue x 1, Cate Road x 1, Clarkin Road x 3, Conway Place x 1, Crosby Road x 1, Cussen Street x 1, Delamare Road x 4, Douglas Crescent x 2, Ernest Road x 2, Fairfield Road x 1, Fairview Street x 1, Garland Drive x 1, Golf Grove x 1, Gordonton Road x1, Halcione Close x 2, Heath Street x 1,Hendon Road x 1, Holland Road x 1, Hukanui Road x 2, Insoll Avenue x 2, Kaimiro Street x 1, Keats Crescent x 1, Kensington Place x 1, Masefield Drive x 1, McMeekan Avenue x 1, Moonlight Drive x 1, Nicola Jean Place x 1, Northway Street x 1, Oakfield Crescent x 2, O’Connell Court x 1, Oxford Street x 1, Peachgrove Road x 3, Pennant Place x 1, Piako Road x 1, Pulham Crescent x 1, Raymond Street x 1, Reeves Close x 1, Rene Way x 1, Ross Crescent x 1, Ruapehu Street x 1, Sandwich Road x 1, Sare Crescent x 3, Snell Drive x 2, St Andrews Terrace x 2, Te Kowhai Road x 1, Te Rapa Road x 1, Thomas Road x 2, Thorpe Street x 1, Tramway Road x 3, Tupelo Street x 1, Wentworth Drive x 1, Westminster Place x 2, Woodlands Road x 1.

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