Lunch at Pukemokemoke

This wood pigeon was quite unconcerned about three humans standing no more than three metres away while it ate lunch yesterday at Pukemokemoke. N8N had taken the Nikon, and discovered the camera battery was back in Gordonton being charged. Sally Stewart charged to the rescue, and took this shot on her cell phone.

Meanwhile the star picked leaves off a small-leaved mahoe. We’re not sure how the tree is going to survive – it’s in a very shady spot, and had almost no leaves left by the time the pigeon had finished with it (you can still see the odd one, in front of the right wing and left breast). Eventually it was disturbed as we moved away and it flew off, which was probably a good thing!

A delightful interlude watching a most lovely and unconcerned bird – and then we continued our walk.

Look at moi!

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One thought on “Lunch at Pukemokemoke

  • July 16, 2013 at 10:22 am

    I’m not biased of course but to watch those kereru at the Reserve is an inspiration!


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