Dairy goat CEO steps down

The chief executive of New Zealand’s Dairy Goat Co-operative is stepping aside. Dave Stanley, who lives in Horsham Downs, oversaw the Hamilton based-company grow from a cottage industry to a $130 million a year export business.

He started 20 years ago as the co-operative’s sole staffer – with “a desk, a chair, and an adding machine”. There were 22 farmer shareholders, renting a tiny office at Livestock Improvement, says the Waikato Times.

Now the co-op is one of the country’s biggest infant forumla makers, employing 170 staff at three factories, with 60 suppliers. It exports to more than 40 countries. This week work begins on building its second milk-powder drier, a $67m investment, and a can-making factory.

Mr Stanley said he no longer wanted to work fulltime as a chief executive and would pursue directorship and consulting opportunities. And spend more time with family and friends, enjoying the peace of Horsham Downs.

Number 8 Network looks forward to more stories like this one.

... and when he's not at the office, he takes pics like this one.
… and when he’s not at the office, he takes pics like this.

He will be succeeded in March next year by his deputy Tony Giles.

Speaking of such things, click here for the profile on Tauhei goat farmer Kerry Averil. Warning – contains some lovely pics of kids acting the… goat.

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