Art from old beehives

bee boxes, closeHorsham Downs artist Claudia Aalderink is always a hive of activity, especially so at the Gordonton Country Market recently. Annette Taylor chats with her about her work.

IT all started when her beekeeper husband Harald returned home a few years ago with a heap of old hives he intended to throw in the wood burner.

No way, said artist/photographer Claudia, who very quickly came up with a cunning plan to turn the rustic wood into wall art.

“I cut the hives up and reassemble them, it’s fun combining all the colours and making new compositions.”

Claudia reuses old frames, including wine barrel rims which fly off the shelves, she says.

She sold crafts and art at the second ever market, but took a year off to complete her honour’s degree at Wintec.

“There was horrible weather and my gazebo flew away at my first one – but the Gordonton market is really cool and the atmosphere is great. There’s a real community spirit, people were happy to see me back again, it’s like a big family.”

She is sharing the stall space with friend Denise Heaven, whose husband Barry gave Claudia a saw table for Christmas.

Claudia, left, and Denise

Pretty scarves…

Denise makes 1940s/50s style dresses, as well as scarves and cushions using old blankets.

Denise Heaven“This is my second time at the market but it’s a lot of fun, and everyone is very supportive. Our stuff works well together,” she says.

Claudia met the couple through her Wintec studies – last October she joined them in a walk around Hamilton Lake in an event to raise awareness of Multiple System Atrophy, a rare neurological disorder which Barry has.  (Click here for pics from the day.)

Also a volunteer with Hospice, Claudia now spends one day with Barry every week.

Busy as a bee, that one.

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