Claudia’s Corner: Up, up, Suburbia

ClaudiaWelcome to our newest N8N contributor, eagle-eyed artist/photographer Claudia Aalderink from Horsham Downs. Each week she will produce Claudia’s Corner, a whimsical column on any thing that takes her fancy. 

In this first piece, it is creeping suburbia that caught her attention.   Check out her website , and say hi at the next Gordonton Country Market.


AS HORSHAM DOWNS residents we are all witnessing the emerging city crawling up to the countryside.

At night you see the lights of the city glowing in the distance and if you listen carefully, you can hear the city sounds mingling with that of a morpork and a tui.

In the eight years that I have been living here in the countryside, looking out on Taupiri Mountain, I have seen my ‘backyard’ change.

I have seen houses being built or taken down to make place for bigger ones, people moving in or moving on, children grow up and off to high school, shopping centers arising with everything you could possibly need…well, a secondhand shop would be a nice addition, and all these changes are nicely framed by the ever growing suburbs to house all the people that are drawn here to have a little piece of country. I mean, before we know it, there won’t be a decent place to park your hot air balloon.

hot air balloon

Claudia keeps busy – click here for a story on her art, here for the cook book she produced with daughter Isa and how about this on her Horsham Downs school project.

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