Jump quick for pooch payment discount

This fine chap jumps for joy because his owner is right-up-to-date with registration.  Model pooch:  Ben Campbell
LOOK AT ME! This handsome chap jumps for joy because his owner is up-to-date with registration. Model pooch: Ben Campbell

Waikato district dog owners have the option to register their dog by 20 July 2014 to receive a prompt payment discount.

For the third year, Waikato District Council is offering a savings of up to $22 for those who register their dog promptly.

All dog owners will receive their renewal notices in early June reminding them that registration for the year 01 July 2014 – 30 June 2015 is due.

General manager customer support Sue Duignan said dog registration is not only a legal requirement, but is also in the best interest of your pooch.

“The registration information about your dog goes onto a national register which helps in locating and identifying owners in the case of wandering, lost or stolen dogs. It also helps keep track of dogs who have changed owners or districts, or who have a history of complaints.”

Ms Duignan encouraged dog owners to pay their fees promptly.

“The best thing to do is get in early, get the discount and keep your dog legal. By registering dogs, the Council can ensure residents enjoy the benefits of dog ownership while minimising the risk of danger, distress and nuisance to the general public.”

If you are a new dog owner or already have approved status the dog registration fee is $91 (or $69 if you pay before 20 July). The Council’s policy is that all new dog owners are ‘approved’ and to remain an approved owner you must not have any of these offences marked against you; impounded dog, registered complaint, prosecution, an infringement fine, non-notification of changes to ownership details and repeated non-payment of registration fee.

If you have general owner status the fee is $117 (or $96 with the discount) and Selected or farm dog fees are $62 (or $41 with the discount).

Failure to register a dog can result in dogs being seized, an infringement fine of $300 or prosecution.

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Ah wooooooooo!  (Another shot of Mr B Campbell because he's too cute!)
Ah wooooooooo! (Nothing to howl about,  Mr Campbell!)
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