Pics of good cheer

Jun 4th, 2015 | By | Category: News

Don’t let this grim bleak weather get you down.  Here’s some pics from around the district over the last few weeks – some stunning shots to brighten the dullest day, taken by some wonderful photrographers!

The first is taken by Alison Campbell, who was walking her dog Ben one Autumn morn’.



Staying with the leaf theme, how about this from Gordonton’s Audrey Stanley who strolled up Pukemokemoke the other day.

A leafy


And these, from Anthony Skinner of Garden Graphix.  How can these fail to brighten the day?

Anthony 4

Anthony 3

Audrey was not finished at Pukemokemoke, and snapped the following from the top –


a nother view


A view


Finally, Annette Taylor called in to Wairere Nursery and caught her favourite Harry going about his business on the tractor.   Love the sparkling hat.


And Harry




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  1. Caz Warner says:

    Stunning pics! Dodgy hat, Harry!

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