On your bikes, little rainbows

Every Wednesday is Bike Day at Rainbows Early Childhood Centre. Annette Taylor goes along for the ride.

Normally the children ride around the centre’s bike track, but once a month they go on a proper outing – down College Drive and to the Gordonton tennis courts, says superviser Jo Worthington.

Three teachers muster the children, who are aged between three and nearly five years. “We always have a teacher at front, in the middle and at the back. We talk about the rules and then, off we go!”

And they’re off –


The gate is open...
The gate is open…



Rainbow 11



Keeping a feline eye on proceedings –

Keeping an eye on things

Having a great time –


Rainbow 7

Coming through….







Stopping to say hi to the farmer...
Stopping to say hi to the farmer…


Turn left for the courts!



Just cruisin'
Just cruisin’



Bike rides are better in winter...
Bike rides are better in winter…


A grand time was had by one and all.
A grand time was had by one and all.


Friendship – the best bit of the ride?

Rainbow 1

Meanwhile, plans to build a footpath along College Drive are taking shape, with a submission put before Waikato District Council.

Eastwest College’s Keith Jellyman says at any time there can be up to 100 people living along the Drive, and as it is a no exit road, there are not many options for pedestrians.

“There is a lot of pedestrian traffic along the drive, and folk have to walk on the road as there’s no footpath. This is of concern for those with pre-school children, especially those using push chairs, but also those walking children to school.”

The submission, supported from Rainbows and WecNZ, was well received when it was presented in May.

An engineer will be needed to design the footpath, as existing drains, the slop and how to manage the entry point to Gordonton Rd will need to be considered but the first step has been taken.

Watch this space.

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