Going hard for the hungry

The Youth Group of Oaks Christian Centre took to the treadmills at today’s Market.  The ragmatical Ciaran Warner catches up with them in a quiet moment outside the Devonshire Tea house.  (Note – the one on the treadmill kept treading throughout.)

The youths, who had already spent the entirety of the previous night striding on the spot, took turns working the treadmill at the market from start to finish, while the rest of us guzzled our coffee, tea and whatever home-baked/grown goodies the market vendors had whipped up.

Youth Group leader Luke Waterhouse said the aim was to rack up a whopping 300k distance on the treadmills.
“They started at 5pm yesterday, and they’ll be going until about 9am tomorrow. So that’s about 7.5 kilometres for each treadmiller,” said Luke, who organised the event along with wife Carah.

Surely there was good reason for such toil? The answer was yes, absolutely.

“We’re doing it for the 40 Hour Famine, and trying to raise money for Papua New Guinea,” said Luke.

“My wife and I were over there recently, and we decided to take a walk with the pack. We found out that a lot of people over there have to walk about 4 or 5 kilometres every day for fresh water and food, so we’re doing the same here.”

“We did healthcare over there, setting up clinics,” adds Carah. “All the money we raise is going to healthcare in New Guinea… we’re going hard for the hungry.”

As exhausting an ordeal as it clearly was, the dedication was admirable.

“It’s like a representation of what they have to do in New Guinea… we’re carrying about 4 or 5 kilograms of water in our backpacks, as well,” said participant and Youth Group member Bella Clements, who had clocked up three hours on the treadmill in total, starting at 2am.

Much support was given to the group by the locals. Market organiser and committee member Peter Brown even had a go himself at one point, resplendent in jogging shorts.

The resplendent Mr Brown

The little one gives a hand collecting –

Well done indeed, guys.  N8N took lots of photographs today, and promises to post them on this site tomorrow.  See you then.

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