Truckies create wee problem

Gordonton businesswoman Claudia Aalderink is fed up with truck drivers using the carpark outside her gallery as a public latrine.

Last week a truck parked outside The Mandarin Tree at lunchtime, blocking at least five customer parks.

“Then he comes back from the dairy, stands beside his truck and relieves himself right in front of me!”

She yelled at the driver who did not hear her because the engine was running.  “I’m not ususally lost for words but this was shocking.  He looked at me, got back in the truck and drove off.”

Words fail

She took photographs and sent them to the Hamilton owner of the truck, who was ‘gutted’ at the driver’s behaviour.  “He was livid and has given the driver a written warning.  It would be good if the driver came and apologised as well.”

And then it happened again.

truck 1Yesterday a logging truck pulled up and the driver again relieved himself in the car park area.

“They seem to pee-where-they-want when visiting Gordonton, although we have a perfectly good public toilet a minute’s walk away.  It is utterly disgusting.”

Claudia has again sent photographs to the Rotorua trucking company, and was told it was not one of theirs.  “But it is.  I read the name on the truck to the guy, who wasn’t very helpful.  I’m still waiting for a proper response.”




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2 thoughts on “Truckies create wee problem

  • March 29, 2016 at 6:28 pm

    Just because the couple who used to clean the loo have retired doesn’t mean they are closed does it??!! Should go to Specsavers.
    They’re just a couple of lazy sods to put it politely. Get the air rifle out. Can remember at least a couple of All Blacks being prosecuted for this type of thing many years back. Now you’d think they’d walk on water wouldn’t you.
    Nice to receive this newsletter and local news when you’re living overseas nowadays. Much appreciated.

    • March 30, 2016 at 9:43 am

      And a few days afterwards my daughter and her friend saw a chap relieving himself behind the Gordonton loo! Water pistol may be a good idea. Thank you for the feedback Don, good to hear you enjoy Number 8 Network so far from home!


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