Books for all at the all-new book box

Rosie adding little touches to the book box.


THE POOR OLD Book Box in Gordonton Village was looking a little shabby.  It has been two long years standing out in rain and sun in the middle of the Village.

Time for some tender loving care and a lick of new paint, N8N thought.  So we rolled our sleeves up and got busy.  The first thing to do was find a source of perfectly coloured paint.

The Gordonton Book BoxI made a humble request for a pot or two of Resene’s paint and received a box overflowing with potluck testpots – so many colours!  Resene’s, bless ’em,  donate these pots of happiness for use in community projects throughout New Zealand.

(There are still some left over, so if anyone has a worthy project, give me a yell.)

We did some necessary nailing and sanding, then painted lovely new undercoat over the whole thing.

Gordonton book box
A Taylor gingerly applying under coat and glad not to be painting dragons.

Then it was time to bring in the talents of artist-around-town Rosie Campbell and the skills of Gordonton’s Queen of Calligraphy Marian Riddell.  Both were delighted to make their mark on the Book Box and to help it regain its rightful place as the Bestest Book Box in the whole of Gordonton.

Thank you Resene’s, Rosie and Marian!

Here are some photos Annette Taylor snapped while these two performed their magic.




The Gordonton book box
Painting a dragon is serious work… which blue to use?



Gordonton book box
Got to hand it to her…


Gordonton book box
Calligrapher at work!


And now it’s a work of art and open for business. Please call in to the Book Box and help yourself to a book or three.  It’s why it’s there.


Gordonton book box
Look! A customer!


  • You can find the Gordonton Book Box in Gordonton Village, nestled between The Mandarin Tree and the dairy.  The idea is to take a book and leave a book.  But it’s over to you – this is the library where you can be the librarian! 
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One thought on “Books for all at the all-new book box

  • May 22, 2018 at 1:32 pm


    I love the book box. I regularly take and deposit books to it. An awesome idea and lovely to know it is being looked after.



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