Winky the festive lamb

Photo of cute lamb
From left, Kate hiding behind Taffy, Georgie and Winky.

WINKY THE LAMB is well into the festive spirit and some Yuletide costumes. She got into her fancy dressups last week when Number 8 Network called in to say hello.

The little lass was born six weeks ago with a hyperthyroid condition and was weak when brought in to Global Veterinary Services in Gordonton.

“She was a sorry girl, just a little thing, with no wool and massive ears,” says technician Georgie. Hence the name, from the house elf Winky in Harry Potter.


Photo of Winky the lamb
Not a happy girl


The staff rallied around her, and for the first few days she was nursed by veterinarian Catherine Thomas who said normally lambs with this condition die.

“It usually affects whole herds, and there wasn’t a lot of information about treatment. But she’s done really well.”

A special jersey kept the little Wiltshire lamb warm and she was kept in a comfortable pen until she was strong enough to go home with Georgie, where she could play with dogs.


Photo of lamb in pen



“She actually started to behave like a dog – would scratch to come in, wanted pats, and came on walks with us off the lead! But for the last week she’s finding out about being a real lamb and is staying at vet nurse Kate’s farm near Huntly, she’s finally learned to eat grass!”

But Winky still likes her canine buddies, and gets on real well with Taffy, the rescue dog, owned by Kate. Who also has an impressive number of special costumes for animals who like to dress up a bit.
It is the season for it – Merry Christmas!




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