Watch out for power lines and cables

Fixing downed lines on Woodlands Road. Photo: Annette Taylor


Getting ready for haymaking? Planning Summer trips with the boat? WEL Networks says check the height of your load before making a move around power lines.

“If you’re travelling to and from the water, especially on unfamiliar roads, always check the height of your boat mast,” says WEL’s Chief Executive Garth Dibley.

“The same applies for our farming community moving machinery around the farm, getting ready for haymaking season or working in the orchard. You need to know where the power lines are before raising the platforms of cherry pickers and dump truck beds. If your load connects with an overhead power line it can be fatal.”

It’s also the perfect time for landscaping around the section. “But before you dig, make sure you check where the underground cables might be hiding.

“It’s critical to locate cables before you start any excavation work like digging trenches, laying a driveway or erecting a fence. Before you start call us on 0800 800 935 or visit our website.

“We want everyone to enjoy their summer activities and to make it home safely, every day.”

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