Lines down but WEL Networks to the rescue!

Hole on Woodlands Rd
Photo: Raewyn Reynolds

What is it with Woodlands Rd? A few weeks ago a Huge Sinkhole appeared out of nowhere, and yesterday, right outside our house, power lines came down.

We’d just finished a cuppa after lunch when a loud crunching noise was heard, followed by the alarm bleeping to say the power was out.

Some roadworkers had been quietly working just outside. A truck with its tray up had backed into a driveway and somehow connected with a power pole, bringing the lines down.

Truck and power lines

A very nice man knocked on our door shortly after and said we should be extra careful of our electric fences – the lines were on them and they might be dangerous. WEL Networks were on their way.  He also apologised and of course, we said no worries, these sorts of things happen.

Shortly after, a fire engine arrived, sirens blaring. This was followed by an ambulance and three police cars, emergency lights flashing.



Meanwhile, the WEL Networks people were on the job – and they worked flat out for the next four hours.

Wanting to see how good our new camera with the extra zoom lens was, Annette Taylor jumped on to the roof and got the following pics.

Up we go…




Must have been windy up there (it certainly was on the roof!)





Lining things up.  Yup, looking good.


Got it


By the time the power went on – 5.15pm – dusk was falling and it was time for everyone to go home.




Hope all the guys went home to a warm house and hearty dinner.  Thanks for the great work one and all, great team effort!


Road works
Time to go!


If you see lines down, never approach them.   Call 111 immediately.

Make sure people and animals keep well away.  Downed power lines are extremely dangerous.

Click here for more on what WEL Networks do.



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