Royal visit

Royal spoonbill


This handsome fellow graced Komakorau with his presence today, happily feeding in a flooded paddock.

He was spotted near the corner of Henry Rd and Gordonton Rd, in front of Candylands.

Originally from Australia, Royal Spoonbills started breeding in 1949 at the Okarito white heron colony and since the late 1970s have spread more widely throughout New Zealand.

He graciously posed for a picture with bucolic cows behind, as the sun started to fade on Gordonton Rd.




The Department of Conservation regards these birds as Naturally Uncommon but given the rate they are increasing they may have to revise that.

Regardless, spoonbills are always a lovely sight, and to our knowledge, this is the first record of one in the district.



Excellent.  Many thanks Alison Campbell for keen-eyed bird spotting on your way back from Auckland!


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