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N8N’s roundup of cool things going on in our area.

How about this for Pick of the Crop?  “Wow – that’s got to be a record for the biggest daffodil!”   Ian Riddell from Clandon Daffodils found this beauty recently.   (Freshly picked seedling of Graham Phillips – hybridiser of daffodils, say Clandon.)

Photo of big daffodil


What a line-up!  Although it was a few weeks ago, we love this pic from Great Beginnings who have cleaned up their gully.  The children spent most of the morning supervising from the safety of the fence while the digger did its work.  It will be interesting to see how the gully develops from here!


Great Beginnings


In case we didn’t share this gem from earlier in the year – here they are on a visit to the Gordonton Book Box (put in place by Number 8 Network!  Great reading in there!)

Photo of book box


A winter morning at Woodlands –

Photo of woodlands


Something to smile about from MacSmith’s Tires.  Impressive work, minions!

MacSmith's Tires photo


And we have room for an adorabale alpaca photo.  Of course we do.  Thank you Cornerstone Alpacas!

alpaca kiss photo

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