Time to fly

Eh by gum, the Waikato is getting a bit chilly.  Time to fly.  By now, the Number 8 Network team should have touched down in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

We’re off on a fact finding mission to see how many mango shakes one of us can drink at one time.  (Surely I can do better than three!)




Actually, we’re off to catch up with Number 8 Network co-founder and daughter Iris Riddell, who earlier this year went to Japan to teach English at Odaka Elementary School in Minamisouma, Fukushima.  She will meet us in Thailand, where we will examine closely the mango shake situation, and then we continue together to Japan.

Iris will be our guide to finding interesting bird life and giant salamanders (David) and the perfect coffee and other culinary treats like okonomiyaki (Annette).  There will be plenty to keep us busy, including visiting the smallest mountain in Japan, trips to fox islands and reptile cafes.


Iris Riddell
Iris will be our guide to all things Japan – here she is yesterday with her… light-up light bulb drink.


A samurai from a street parade on Sunday. Photo: Iris


In the meantime, Marley the office cat has been given strict instructions on how to look after our fabulous housesitters and we hope things around here stay calm and orderly – no more mysterious sink holes in Woodlands Rd, or the need for emergency services therein.

Stay warm and remember – Spring is just around the corner.  We might try to bring warmer temperatures back with us, if it will fit in our carry-on luggage!




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  • July 31, 2017 at 10:43 pm

    I think you should also be doing some research on Bubble Tea….just saying.


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