Thieves steal tools from Pukemokemoke

A family enjoys the beauty of Pukemokemoke.


Thieves have stolen thousands of dollar worth of tools from Pukemokemoke Reserve.

The theft was discovered by Friends of Pukemokemoke Reserve volunteer Noel Sandford, who noticed his electric nail gun, chainsaw, hammer and ruler missing from his lock box. Replacement cost is around $2000, reports the Waikato Times.

“It feels so awful that someone would stoop so low to take stuff from people who are voluntarily doing work to improve their access,” Sandford told Stuff.

“If we weren’t working here, they wouldn’t even be able to get into the place.”

…Sandford has been volunteering for eight years. He’s in charge of managing, upgrading and building the track, helping prevent kauri dieback, while others focus on planting, weeding, spraying and mowing.


…When the Pukemokemoke Bush Trust was set up 20 years ago, trees were covered in vines and creepers. There was privet, pampas and gorse, honeysuckle, blackberry, convolvulus, possums, rats and stoats.

Today the reserve boasts 100 bait stations and more than 15,000 native trees, including matai, tōtara, kauri, kānuka and kahikatea, picnic spots and 360-degree views of the region.

Read the full story in the Times here.

Pukemokemoke bush is a private reserve at Tauhei, open to all, administered by a trust and maintained by a bunch of loyal volunteers. All help is appreciated.


Pukemokemoke reserve sign



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