Bats, and a picnic too

Bats have been discovered at Pukemokemoke and an evening celebration is planned which will give the public a chance to see the tiny creatures.

Warning: this creature of the night is not a New Zealand bat. We just put it in because we liked it.

Waikato ecologist Gerry Kessels will be on hand to explain the significance of this find, and talk a little about New Zealand’s bats, which are the country’s only land mammals.

The species found  at Pukemokemoke is the long-tailed bat, a mouse-sized animal that is active soon after sunset hunting insects on the wing.

The evening is to be held on Saturday 31 March.  “It will be an informative and fun evening, held at the gazebo,” says Friends of Pukemokemoke manager Alan Leadley.

“Bring food and drink for a picnic tea about 5.30pm, and a blanket to lie on and look skywards for prime viewing.”

There will also be a walk up the track to view glow-worms.

“It should be an enchanting evening.”

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