Business association for Gordonton

Gordonton has got its own business association, created by The Farm’s Shop’s Tanya Clancy and The Mandarin Tree’s Claudia Aalderink.

Irresistible Gordonton Village aims to unite and promote the businesses in Gordonton.

Tanya Clancy - "As a collective we are more powerful."  Photographs:: Annette Taylor
Tanya Clancy – “As a collective we are more powerful.” Photos: Annette Taylor

“We decided from the beginning that we wanted a business association early on. The problem was everyone was keen, but we could never find a time to actually meet – we’re all owner/operators,” says Tanya.
So the two started a Facebook page in April.

A spur to the initiative was the proposed Waikato Expressways project and the need to present a united front.

“It’s a fact it is going through, no one knows where the link roads will be, it’s all undecided. We didn’t want to be the next Ngaruawahia – unfortunately they’ve seen some significant drop in their passing through traffic.”

Tanya Clancy is spokesperson for a group named ‘As a community – living with the Ngaruawahia Expressway group’. In April last year she told Number 8 Network the group’s biggest concern was a lack of communication from New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA).

“I have lots of experience with NZTA and I have an understanding of the processes and what’s going to happen in the future. What we’re trying to do is to actually be proactive to the changes that are going to happen, which is good for the NZ economy, there’s no two ways about it. But we have to be realistic.”
Huge projects like this can divide communities, she believes.

The Mandarin Tree's Claudia Aalderink.
The Mandarin Tree’s Claudia Aalderink.

“We need to be one coherent group – as individuals we’re all very clever at what we do, as a collective we are more powerful and can co-ordinate.”

Pokeno had to reinvent themselves, and they did so, very well, she says. “They were fortunate in that they had an off ramp which gave them the opportunity to do that, as well as having the market, Pokeno bacon and those wonderful ice creams.

“We didn’t want to reinvent ourselves because we don’t need to. We want Gordonton to be at the forefront of people’s minds so that they will turn off, once the expressway is reality.”

There may be meetings coming up, as and when these would be needed – “We just need businesses to understand. Then we can have something to bring to meetings, as a unified group.  We may need to band together to advertise Gordonton some time in the future.”

In the meantime, they are holding a fundraiser with Hukanui Gold Club on Friday 12 June, from 6.30pm.
The event is to raise money for the Pink Ribbon campaign, and will cost $25 per seat.

  • If you have anything to donate something, or want to find out more, send an email .
  • Visit the Irresistable Gordonton Village Facebook page here.
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